Bike maintenance tips


Getting a bike is the first step in ensuring that you travel in one of our best creations, and get the best health, but to make sure that you continue to get the best experience, there are some tips that you need to learn. Maintaining a bike is not rocket science, but to make sure that you get the most out of it, you need to be aware of the various ways to keep it in top notch condition. After buying a bike, many people prefer to have trained professionals take care of the checkups, but once you know what to do, you will realize that is not that hard. Below are some of the top bike maintenance tips.

Tips to help you take care of your bike

Wash it regularlylknskdlvnklsndvksndvlsndvavs

Make sure that you regularly wash your bike, at least every weekend. Like anything else, if you keep it clean, it will be able to last for a longer period of time. Cleaning a bike doesn’t need a lot of equipment, or even a cleaning kit, you just need a bucket of water and a sponge to get started. Make sure to get rid of all the dust and keep it squeaky clean, and it will give you god service for a long time.

Inflate your tire

It is important to make sure that your bike’s tires are well inflated. After riding for two or three days, you will notice that the wheels lose pressure and to ensure that you continue to get a better riding. You will notice that they becomes easy to handle and ride when the tires have enough pressure. Make sure to read the inflation instructions that are normally indicated on the tires. For example, if a tire is rated for 50 psi, do not exceed that limit.

Do not overload

Even bikes have a maximum load that they can lift. Most bikes are rated at 100kg, and it is best if you do not surpass that load. If you are heavier or expect to be transporting a lot of heavy loads with the bike, it is better to get a bike that is made with thicker metal and stronger wheels. Make sure to inquire for heavy duty bikes from your local bike store when buying. Overloading a bike will mean that its structure gets weakened, making it vulnerable to breakage, which will cost you a lot in repairs.

Tips for buying a bike


If you are looking for the ultimate item to save you countless hours in urban traffic and help you keep your health in check, then a bicycle is your best bet. People who use bikes as their primary transport are very important. This is because they reduce the damage to the environment, and encourage a culture that is beneficial to the economy and people’s health. When the time comes, and you want to get yourself one, it is important to know how to choose it. In this article, we have put together a few tips to help you select the best bike, and get moving in style.

How to buy the best bike

Have a budgetkmslknvknsdlkvnklsdnvlknsdvlnskdlvnlkasdnvlksndvlknsaldkvnsdv

Bikes are one of those items that come in various styles at different prices. Therefore, it is good to use online platforms to learn about the various types of bikes and their prices. Based on your findings, you can then use that information to come up with a budget that you can afford. This will make it better for you to go into a shop, and be comfortable that you know what you want. It will also help you defect from overspending.

Where will you be riding

Based on the place that you will be mainly riding, there is a bike for you out there. The two basic types to select from are Road and Mountain bikes. A road bike is meant to be used in places that have good roads and therefore tailored to go fast, and have a light build. On the other hand, if you will be riding at places with poor roads and tough terrain, then a mountain bike would be the best choice. Mountain bikes have a tough frame, wide tires and a suspension system to make riding it more tolerable given the terrain it is intended for. You can also go for a hybrid, that include and electric motor to add torque when needed.

The make

You wants to get a bike that is stylish, and if yo;masd;ll;sdmv;lamsdvms;damvl;smdvl;sd;amv;lsmdvasdvu are into aesthetics, one that makes you stand out from the rest. Many companies make bikes and to make their brand stand out, most of them will come up with interesting styles to be more appealing to customers. Ensure that you find one that looks good as per your liking and expectations. This will help you like riding and look forward to peddling and extra mile every day.…