Honoring The Departed Ones

After funerals, we normally hear people advise us that life has to go on and so we must be strong. We read good books on how to overcome grief and not allowing it to get the best of us, which is not a bad thing. Better yet, we should go the extra mile and ensure that our lives are back on track in the best ways possible. What we must also put in mind is that the ones we have lost were once a huge and probably a basic part of our lives. We can’t forget them like we do tiny bugs after squashing the life out of them. These people, though they are no longer part of us, must be honored in the best possible ways for their lifetime achievements.

Write a book

fghjftreYou can write a book about their achievements and dedicate it to them. This is the best way of letting the world know about these unsung heroes and their silent contributions and change they brought to you as a person and to the society as a whole. We live in a society where people read widely for them to know about what’s happening around them. What better way to honor them than making their huge actions known all over the world?

Start an organization

The deceased had their last wishes before they passed on. You could honor those wishes in this way. The vision and mission can be represented by what they stood for and believed in when they were still alive. Make their dreams come true by launching a website that people can regularly visit to find out what the organization is all about. Most funeral services company advice affected families to keep memories of their loved ones. This can be in the form of an hospital named after the deceased one or an orphanage that will provide food and shelter for the homeless and vulnerable children in society.

Name your child after them

tuytreIf your loved one was indeed a noble person, it is believed that the one bearing their name will carry on those positive traits all their lives. Won’t it be a good thing to have the one you loved so dearly incarnated through your child? This way, you won’t get so frustrated when missing them terribly.

The more you remind yourself of the fact that your loved ones are only gone physically and will always live on in your heart, the better it is for you. You can choose to spread the hope to those around you so they won’t lose hope and ever feel lonely. So long as you keep their spirits alive in your hearts, they will never be torn away from you and your family. Isn’t it such a blessed consolation that those you loved are not gone forever?

Their legacy lives on

Keep their dreams alive and never get tired of telling your children about them and the great things they did while they lived. This is the best way to ensure that the solid legacy they left behind lives on. You don’t have to erect a monument to tell the world about the hero it has lost. The simple ways of doing this are what matters the most.…