Ways an owner operator can save on fuel efficiency


When you are an owner operators needed, you not only engage in driving the truck for a living, you also have to have in your possession special skills in running and managing a business. As an owner truck driver, you have a great deal of responsibility than other truck drivers who drive as company drivers.
Some of the thing that an owner truck driver has to deal with include, truck maintenance, record keeping, repairs, locating freights that need to be hauled and negotiating the freight rates.
One of the major challenges that these drivers have to face is fuel management.The fuel prices are higher than ever and to make matters even worse the whole world is suffering from an economic downturn. This is why

Below we are going to highlight some tips than an owner operator can put into practice to ensure that they save fuel, money and also help save the environment. They include:

Start off slowly

We all understand that you want to make a quick start to your daily delivery, but this can be costing you more than you think you are saving. When you go too fast from the start of your journey, you will only save a few minutes. But in the process, you will consume 40% more fuel and release 400% more carbon emissions to the environment.

More haste, less speed

2You are encouraged to start off slowly, and also drive at a reduced speed throughout your journey. This in most cases is the opposite of what many people think. They think that if you travel very fast, you are able to take more owner operator jobs and make more money. But the reality is that a lorry that is driven at a very high speed will consume significantly high fuel than that which is driven at a low speed. It thus shows that it is not only dangerous and bad to you but to your pocket too.

Save time with groupage

If you are many operators, you will definitely have a number of jobs to do in a day. If you can be able to group your loads together thus allowing to put more in a single trip. Then you will save hugely on petrol but also on mileage. You can also save on time thus allowing yourself to fit in some more jobs.

Avoid overloading truck

Even though the above method can be so effective in saving time and cost, you should put in mind that it should not be overdone. If you overload your truck, it will cause a lot of strain to the engine, and this will also have a direct impact on the fuel consumed.

Watch out for fuel thieves

3With the price of fuel at its record high, this big lorries have both large tanks and ply predictable routes. Petrol rustling is a real problem. While it is not a sure way of guaranteeing protection, you can reduce the likelihood of your fuel being stolen by locking your fuel tank or installing alarm systems.
By adhering to the above-named methods, you will sure cut on the fuel costs thus reducing your expenditure significantly.This will have a positive impact on your profits in the long run.…